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UVB Narrow Band has become the “Gold Standard” for the treatment of a wide variety skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Vitiligo and many others.

What is UVB Narrow Band? (Please Click Here)

home phototherapy websiteThe creator of this blog/website is Chris Cane, a co-owner of Amjo Corp, a company that he and his wife Cheryl started in 1998. Since that time, Amjo Corp has become perhaps the world’s largest reseller or distributor of Ultraviolet Phototherapy products in the world. It’s hard to believe that a small company can accomplish this. Amjo competes with several manufacturers of UV products and we offer that personal service that many of the large OEMs simply cannot offer. Just call or email us and you’ll see what great service is all about. Click Here for our contact information.

Amjo has a diverse offering of health and related products such as Woods Lights, Hand Held Wands, Acne Treatment Lights and lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder or the Winter Blues.

Amjo’s main website for UVB Narrow Band products is www.HomePhotoTherapy.com. Some of the important pages at the website you are currently on are:

  • The Blog: – We do try to add information regularly to our blog
  • Useful Pages: Pages on treatment times, safety and home phototherapy.
  • Treatment Times: A simplified protocol (To be reviewed with your doctor)



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